How to Use and Save your Projects on SEO Powersuite Cloud

SEO Powersuite is a SEO tool which is installed locally on your computer. And due to that all the data is stored locally on your drive. Though there are many disadvantages of a tool not being on the cloud, but it also has some very good points. We are not going to get into the battle between cloud softwares and softwares which are stored locally.

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So coming back, the fact that seo powersuite is not a cloud app, it takes many features right of the bat. It does’t allow you to work from anywhere and using any pc. As the projects and the tool will be save on the local drive. But what if I told you that you can use seo powersuite cloud, to store your data, projects and other things, and access them from any pc using a seo powersuite. Great, Right?

So before you actually get into it, and see how it works. You are advised to update your seo powersuite to the latest version. As this might not work with the older versions. So below are the instructions which shall get you get started int he world of seo powersuite cloud.

Instructions to Use SEO Powersuite Cloud

Create Cloud Account:

First and foremost you will require a cloud account. So as to do that, head to Preferences> SEO Powersuite Cloud and there you will have an option to Create an Account.


It will ask you about some information and log in credentials,like email etc. Fill it in. And then after doing it, click on the Next Button.


After that, open the email which you entered while signing up, and there you will have an email from seo powersuite cloud, and you will have to confirm it. And so as to do that, copy the code in the email, and paste it in the seo powersuite window. Where it is asking for that code, to complete the sign up process.


After doing that, click on the Finish button. And you will have a seo powersuite cloud account after successfully doing all that stuff. So we are now ready to move onto the next step.

Saving a Project on SEO Powersuite Cloud:

So we should be moving on and see how to save a project on the cloud. Now in the seo powersuite app, go to File> Save Project (SEO Powersuite Cloud). And with that the project should be saved on the cloud.


The type in a name for your project, and then click on the Save button.


Sharing Projects with Co Workers:

Now of course on of the biggest advantage of saving your projects online, is that you get to not only access it from anywhere, but also that you are able to share it with other people. People like your co workers, who can get the progress ahead, even if they are in any other part of the globe.

Go to File> Get Shareable Project Link, and then copy the link and send it to whomever you want to share the project with.


So as to open a project saved on seo powersuite cloud with the help of link. Go to File> Open Project by Shared Link. There enter the link you got, and then the project will open up.


So this was a short tutorial, which helped you to get an idea, that how really can you use and save your projects on the seo powersuite cloud. If in case there are any issues which you face with your suite, contact the support team of seo powersuite and they will get it sorted within minutes. Also you could comment below, and we would try our best to find a solution for you, if we can. Cheers!

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