Alternatives to SEO Powersuite You Need To Try Right Now

Though SEO Powersuite is a great piece of software. It will take care of your all seo related needs. But on the other hand, if you have eventually decided not to go them, which we don’t recommend even in the worst case scenario. here are some of the software which you should be considering for your SEO journey. So below are the alternatives to seo powersuite which you can try and rather should be giving a try if yoou are not somehow going with it.


SEMRush is technically a competitor analysis tool, which has overtime evolved for SEO related purposes. It will be helping you in many arenas including acquiring your competitor’s traffic. Which is the primary goal, ain’t it? SEMrush some really great features, which many other new seo analysis tool miss out on. it’s data is quite reliable and precise. It’s down side being, that is quite expensive. You will have to pay about $69.95 per month.


But many users using it say, that the high price is completely worth it. According to a survey, it has helped an average user increase his/her traffic to about 15%. It’s superb features include the ability to provide you with a precise estimate of a website’s traffic. To get you with a full website audit. Analyze the backlinks, and compare your reports with upto 5 competitors in real time. Also SEMrush will be helping you in the process of finding new and better keywords, and stealing the traffic from your competitors and spying on their best performing keywords.

MOZ Pro: Best Alternatives to SEO Powersuite

We all know Moz. it has been around since the very beginning of the term, Search Engine Optimization. it has one of the most trusted sources, and the features of their SEO tools are amazing. The Moz Pro will help you do a full site audit. The Site Explorer is a great tool too check on your backlinks, and compare the link metrics with your competitor. Which you can do by a feature which is added into the tool itself.


The MOZ rating is accepted worldwide and is trusted quite well. The Domain Authority, and the Page Authority are the metrics which are used worldwide and accepted as a standard, after Google stopped rolling out the Pagerank.



Ahrefs is a comparatively new tool. But many of the professional marketers now prefer it, just because of the link databse it has and the amazing reporting. The links are reported quite fast, and they have really great features. It is quickly becoming the most widely used and most loved SEO tool online. It has the following features below.

  • Complete Backlink Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Paaid Keyword Spying
  • Competitors Best Landing Pages
  • Competitors most linked Content
  • Complte Site audit
  • 404 Reporting

Though the ahrefs tool is quite expensive, and you should only consider to buy it, if you are doing serious work. But it is completely worth the money you spend. It has really great features, and will probably solve all your seo needs under one roof. It is among the best and the most advanced alternatives to seo powersuite.



WebCEO is a seo tool about which we talked in the speed test post (Get the SEO Powersuite Speed Test Result Here). The software offers many pricing packages for different features included in the pack. The best part about this tool is that it is extremely easy to use. It will get you really good keywords, provided the seed keywords you enter are good. Also it will be helping you with the full site audit, and help you find bad links on your website. And eliminate them, to not let them have a negative impact on your site’s SEO. Below are some the features in which the WebCEO Excels in:

  • SEO Full Site Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Analytics about Website
  • Backlink Quality Checker
  • Spying on your Competitors

Majestic SEO: Alternatives to SEO Powersuite

Majestic SEO Tool is another SEO tool which we compared in our speed test post. It is one of the most trusted SEO tools on the internet. The tool is a compilation of various small modules, which serve different tasks, and different objectives. Just like any other good seo tool, it lets you check backlinks, and site audits. Below are the features of the Majestic SEO Tool.

  • Search Explorer
  • Site Explorer to explore Backlinks and Pages on the Website.
  • Keyword checker, which allows you to check your SERP’s for various keywords.
  • Bulk Backlink Checker
  • Majestic Million
  • Clique hunter
  • Compare tool
  • URL submitter
  • Neighbourhood Checker

Majestic SEO tool starts at about $49.99 per month. And in that it can fetch you about 60 detailed reports with different modules. And along with that it will allow you to explore about 5 million links per month. I think it is a good option to go with, if you are not using SEO Powersuite. It is one of the best alternatives to seo poowersuite.


Spyfu started as a online advert reporting service. But over the time they also ave shifted to organic SEO. Though still the main focus of the company lies in the paid advertising and spying on your competitors winning paid search campaigns. But till they have some really decent features.


It can report backlinks quite well, can perform a SEO Audit real quickly, and also have many things done for you if you are looking for some organic seo reporting. Though i will only recommend this tool, if you are going to have do some spying on your competitors paid search campaigns. As i said above, it is the prime focus of this tool. And it is only better to go with it, if you are going to utilize it.

So this is it, these were some of the SEO tools, which I think can serve as good, rather best alternatives to seo powersuite. Though there is no reason that you should not try out the seo powersuite, as it is a great seo tool to have in your arsenal. And not only that, it is really cheap as compared to other tools which i listed, as mostly all of them are monthly, and not pay once and get lifetime access. Which makes it quite expensive to spend on a tool every month or yearly.  Also if you want to buy SEO Powersuite, you can buy from special link below, and it will get you a special readers discount, which we only provide to our loyal reader. Peace!