SEO Powersuite Speed Test and Comparison

One of the greatest and required feature in today’s fast world is speed. And if you are wondering whether or not the SEO Powersuite Speed is fast enough or not. So we will have a breakdown test, and compare it with the leading seo softwares in the market.

With the new update that was rolled out to the seo powersuite, it completely changes the way the suite interacts with search engines and etches the data. The process now is more efficient and fast as compared to before and other tools at the point of time.

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With the new update, the suite now fetches and pulls the data from the search engines faster as said above. And along with that, you have to enter less captcha images. According to the developers, this is just one of the updates which has been rolled out to bump up and increase the productivity of the seo powersuite.

Speed Test Briefing

So as to get you a perfect idea about it’s speed, and other aspects, we conducted a test and compared the results with leading seo softwares like WebCEO, IBP, Market Samurai and Advanced Web Rankings.

Below is just a brief result from the testing which were conducted.


So as to get a better idea, you should know that the tests were conducted on a Windows 7 PC, with AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+, 4 GB RAM. So if you are looking to get anywhere close to these reports, you should be in par with the specs we used on the test pc.

Also to have a unbiased run time, fresh proxies were used for each of the tools. So let us get into the detailed reports of the seo powersuite speed test we conducted.

Rank Checking:

The first part of the test was to check for ranking of a certain website. And all the tools were set on standard settings. Each seo tool was given about 50 keywords to check the ranking for. And they had to fetch data from 3 search engine. Also note that the proxy settings were not altered anyhow in any of the tools so that no impact is made on the results. Below are the results of the test.


Details about the Test: The test was conducted for about 50 keywords. The search engines referred were Google, Yahoo and Bing. The scan depth was set to about 100 results per report. And the safety settings for each of them was set to default.

  • The Rank Tracker was able to get the ranking reports for all the keywords. And it did it without asking for any captcha filling up. The time used by rank tracker was 3 minutes and about 41 seconds.


  • WebCEO was also able to get all the keywords, and rankings. But it took about 1 hours and 32 minutes which is about 26 times the time take by rank tracker.


  • IBP could not retrieve search results from Yahoo. And that too despite of its Human Elimination Feature on. The tool also got banned from google just after checking 43 results. It took about 36 minutes.


  • Coming to Market Samurai, it was as quick as the Rank Tracker. But on the other hand it got banned from Google and yahoo after about 38 results. And failed to collect any reports from Bing.
  • market-samurai-speed-test-results
  • The Advanced Web Ranking, checked and collected all the data but it took too much time. It took about 2 hours and 19 minutes, with default settings.
  • advanced-web-ranking-results-speed-test-result-5

Iteration 2: Ranking Test

This time we perform the ranking test again as before. But this time we set the security settings to minimum so as to increase speed and not worry about any bans. This is just to test the best speed times possible for each tool, without worry at all about the bans from respective search engine. Same 50 keywords, tested on 3 search engines as before.

Below is the brief result of the test.


Details about the Test Report: This time yet again the reports were conducted on the same 50 keywords, and search engines, but the security settings set to minimal so as to increase the speed and the time. Below are the in detail results of the test conducted.

  • In Rank Tracker, the default ‘User Agents’ feature was switched off. The module got the results in about 2 minutes and 42 seconds. And surprisingly it got no bans this time too.


  • Talking about WebCEO, we set the minimal time between search queries, to 1 second. This time yet again, it got the results in about 10 minutes, and suffered no bans too.


  • In IBP the delay in queries was 1 second, and also a random delay of about 3-4 seconds which was done by software itself so to decrease the change of bans. It took 28 minutes to get the results, but got banned by Yahoo. Also it got banned by Google after 41st word query.
  • Coming to market Samurai, the settings were almost same. As there are no safety settings in the tool itself. The results were thus the same at 3 minutes and 42 seconds. But surprisingly no results were obtained from Bing, and got banned by all search engines for the last 13 keywords.


  • With ‘Random User Agents’ and ‘Browser Emulation’ setting disabled, it took 6 minutes and 21 seconds. But also it got banned by Google on the 43rd keyword.

Test 2: Backlink Report

Another great requirement and need of a seo tool is to see about the backlinks of a website. So e based our second test on that very property, that how fast can a tool get to the backlink report for a website. The safety settings were unchanged again for this test.

Below is the brief report of the test conducted.


Details about the Test: So All search engine were supported, and all the links pointing to the website were included in the report without excluding any url or blacklisting it.

  • SEO SpyGlass gathered around 2221 backlinks in about 1 minute and 34 seconds.


  • WebCEO collected and showed around 1493  backlinks in about 4 minutes.


  • IBP got too around 230 linking pages, in about 1 hour and 42 minutes.


  • Market Samurai got to 1000 link in 8 minutes.


  • Advanced Link Manager got 1925 links in 20 minutes.


Test 3: Website Structure and On Page Analysis

Another feature required by a seo tool is the ability to check on the on page settings of a page. And further help you optimize for a given keyword. As you guys might be aware that there are two aspects to seo, namely on page and off page. So it only makes sense that a seo tool, helps you both of them, so that they on the same page.

So in this test, we tested about the website structure. The seo tool had to crawl every page of a website. Note that since Market Samurai and IBP can’t really analyze your webpage for on page settings, so there out of this test completely.

Coming to the other two which are left, which are WebCEO, and Advanced Web Ranking. Below is a brief report as always about the results of the test so conducted.


Details about the Test: Same website was used for the test, and there no limitation put forward to the tools. So that they can crawl and get as much data as they can. Also the safety settings were set to default for this one. So below are details about results of each of this tools.

  • Website Auditor, found and crawled around 382 webpages. And took about 37 seconds to do so.
  • On the other hand, WebCEO took around 31 minutes, and 42 seconds. It collected about 2517 pages. But this number includes the images hosted by the site, which were around 2134 in number. Also it counted some comment urls as diferent pages, whereas they pointed to the same page. So it had a lot of duplicate data.
  • Advanced Link Manager, took 3 minutes and 35 seconds. It collected 558 pages, out which 175 were dupplicate pages.

So this is it, these were some of the seo powersuite spped tests which we conducted along with other famous seoo managment tools. The SEO Powersuite not only is the fastest among all, but also provides with the best and most accurate data, with no ambiguity whatsoever. You can get seo powersuite discount now for our special users.